Weekend ReCap

Obviously, this will not be active until after we complete our Reunion weekend.

However, this is a great place to tell some more stories, and post pictures of the memories of what I am sure will be an incredible weekend. I am certain that those who cannot join us, would enjoy reading about and seeing what they missed.


One response to “Weekend ReCap

  1. Friends,

    Many of you have emailed, written or called me to express you thanks for a great Alumni weekend.

    Thank you for taking time out of your life to do that for me.
    There can only be true thanks given only if we have the acknowledgement of the great Colin Ward and Bridget Daul Kelly for their outstanding effort and hard work. Thanks, Colin and Bridget.

    Also, the Mount stepped and helped us have a great reunion. Marianne Dempsey and Maureen Plant worked very hard with us since last fall to make the weekend awesome.

    However,the real thanks goes to all of you. The real superstars of the weekend was the entire class of 1994.

    You all gave the two most valuable gifts to the Mount, time and money.

    Let talk money. We raised more money this year than any other year since we graduated. Please note that we have until June 30, 2009 to still make a donation for our reunion gift. Thank you all very much. Please use the links that are all over the blog to make the pledge.

    Lets talk time, you guys took time out of your busy schedules and came back. Thank you very much. They were a lot of people who contacted me at the last second to cancel their plans to come back to the Mount. Thanks to them as well for trying to get back to the Mount.
    You guys got babysitters, drove multiple states,flew, brought your kids, changed worked schedules, missed other social functions and even had your pets boarded just to be there as a class. That is huge and that is even a bigger deal than giving money back to the school. Thank you all for your effort and time.

    A couple of follow up items.

    First please check the update part of the blog. We need a final head count and we think we captured everyone. Please let us know if we missed you or another one our class mates.

    At our 5 year we had 56 people come back. At the 10 year we 67 people come back. Depending on the numbers, we could have as many as 80 for the 15 year reunion. Please check the updates to help us out.

    One day we will break the record of 111 alumni back . Let’s try.

    A couple of challenges to us as a class. Let’s keep in touch better, we do not need to wait until June ,2014 to talk or see each other again.

    Let’s be open to having even more new alumni traditions and supporting them. Our class started the “100 days” to alumni weekend parties that will continue nationally and the we had the first alumni weekend class concert in quad this year . If you have an idea, share it. We may make it a reality. Or if you need help with anything, let us know.

    Finally, you do not have to wait until June,2014 to come back for Alumni weekend. Everybody saw non reunion alumni having a blast. If you can make it, come. Colin and I pretty much go every year. So if need some class of 1994 people to hang out it with, call us.

    Book your calendar for June, 2014, but I plan to talk to you and see you all before then. I promise.

    When you come in 2014, please bring someone who missed this reuinon. We will all be around 42 by 2014 and I plan on another great weekend for the class of 1994. Let us know any suggestions you all have to make 2014 even better.

    God Bless and take care.

    Your Class President For Life,
    Mike Zinzi

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